Committed to improving the quality of life in our society

In line with the government policy to help reduce poverty, SALAAM African Bank has adopted long term strategy and is committed to creating job opportunities for the people in the region, microfinance opportunities for women, and creating special programmes activities for youth, such as entrepreneurship skills development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that we have a responsibility to our community have made CSR a part of our annual programme. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program supports diverse and deserving groups of projects and activities.

Salaam African Bank stays committed to improving the quality of life in our society. In this regard, the Bank has been participating and supporting needy deserving projects, institutions, groups and individuals around the country through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme and in turn creating long term relationships. It includes the President of the Republic of Djibouti Board programme and initiatives in building affordable houses for the low and middle income class that was launched in 2017 and many others.

Our CSR Programs

Year 2018

Women Banking and Support

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Year 2017

Women Banking and Support

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