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With our documentary credits you can rest
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Documentary Credits - Letter of Credit

A Letter of Credit (LC) is a financial instrument prepared and issued by Salaam African Bank on behalf and at the request of a customer (importer/ buyer), assuring payment to a seller of goods or services. The customer must verify the details of the transaction by providing specified complying documents to the bank.

Features and benefits

  • It is the most secure methods of payment for exporters as long as they meet all the terms and conditions.
  • The risk of non-payment is transferred from the seller to the bank.
  • It’s governed by the International Chamber of Commerce unified rules and practices
  • Payment is done after the complying presentation of required documents.
  • LC eliminates risks involved in foreign country transactions.
  • This product is available in local and foreign currencies too.
  • This product mitigates the risk of not receiving goods ordered by the importer.


  • To access the service you need to be a Salaam African Bank Accountholder
  • Duly-filled and signed application form
  • Provide the related contract and the pro forma invoice
  • Provide collateral/deposit against issuing LC
  • Provide details of the supplier/seller and the beneficiary bank /advice-through bank

Since we are a customer focused bank, we have a team to see you through the processes of not just ensuring your goods are delivered, but one that will walk you through each and every step with minimal fuss.