Run your business effectively across borders.

Our banking services help you run your business with ease worldwide.

Trade Services

These services aim to protect your operations, streamline your payments to help you trade effectively across borders. Salaam African Bank works with a network of importers and exporters for the benefit of our clients to achieve their business goals. What do we do for your business?

  • We arrange guarantees to protect your business against losses in uncertain market conditions.
  • We provide Letters of Credit, Cash against Documents, and other trade services.
  • We work with you to centralise your trade activities and design a suite of guarantee solutions geared to your underlying business flows.
  • In cases where an overseas supplier requires you to open an import Letter of Credit we set that up and guarantee payment to the overseas supplier, provided the correct documents are submitted.
  • Using import and export documentary collection is a straightforward and cost-effective way to make international trade payments.

Payment Services

With our services you can make payments from your accounts and settle your business transaction obligations. Better yet you can access your account online and manage your money with our internet banking services.

Pay Bills

You can pay for utilities such as your rent, electricity and water bills through your bank account.

Transfer Funds

Our payment services allow you to have the ease and convenience of making money transfers to any bank in the country and abroad. You can also make money transfers to your various accounts within Salaam African Bank.

Inward Foreign Remittances

A Salaam African Bank account holder can receive foreign currency from any part of the world. Most of the time, the rates are negotiated for inwards amounts of a specific value and the accounts settled within the same day. We also facilitate outward foreign remittances for our customers

Telegraphic transfers

We transfer funds on behalf of our clients in a foreign countries in foreign currency. The transfer is settled on the same day and the rates agreed upon at the point of transaction.

Treasury Service

Salaam African Bank offers an array of treasury products to our clients. Our main products is foreign exchange services where we buy and sell major currencies at competitive rates at 0% commission.