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Ali Abdallah Hettam

Mr. Ali was born in 1952. He holds a Diploma & Degree in Business Administration. He is currently the Chairman of Salaam African Bank. Prior to this position, he was the CEO of UKAP Holdings (2015), Managing Director of Comad Group for more than 20 years, President of the Shipping Agencies Association, Member of the Board of Directors of Djibouti Port, and a Member of the Board of Road Fund. He has more than 39 years’ experience in logistics, transportation, and generally in business development and company management. He has in-depth knowledge and professional experience in the field of sea transport, freight, shipping, leadership skills and management. He fluently speaks English, French, & Arabic. He has interests in joint ventures, property development, and logistics.

Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi

Mr. Abdilahi was born in 1967. He holds a degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has more than 20 years experience in financial management and consultancy. He has been a Finance Director for Red Sea Petroleum Company, a financial consultant for various business firms in the region, and a Business Development Manager for Salaam Group Companies. He has interests in trade financing, auditing, and financial consulting.

Mr. Abdulkadir Ali Hassan

Mr. Abdulkadir Ali holds a Bachelor ’s Degree in Computer Science and Law. He has 19 years of experience in the fields of ICT and Accounting. He held the position of ICT Director of Salaam African bank from 2008 to 2015. He is based in Djibouti and is active in ICT training and is currently the Research and Development Director of Salaam Group and has interests in education and real estate.

Mr. Osman Doualeh Dirir

Mr. Osman was born in 1960. He completed his education in Djibouti and has worked for many multinational companies including the Airport Authority, international organisations, (UN, EU mainly) and financial institutions. Currently, he is involved in the construction sector holding assets in the form of land and rentals.

Mr. Abdihakim Hassan Idow

Mr. Abdihakim Hassan Idow : Mr. Abdihakim Hassan Idow was born in 1970. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (2003) and Master in Business Administration, Project Management (2014). He has over 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge in marketing and project management. He has participated in many international and local seminars in the financial sectors.

Mr.Jama Hersi Abdi

Mr. Jama holds a degree in Business Administration from Indian Ocean University (1999) and a Bachelor of Science  degree from Somalia National University (1990). Prior to being the General Manager, he was an educationist and a researcher in the agricultural sector of Somalia. He has previously held the position of Chairman for Saxo Relief Organisation and Head of International Relations Department for Btelco. He has also been General Manager for Almazeed Communication (Dubai). In 2009, He was appointed for the position of Investment Manager at Salaam Bank after which he was promoted to Deputy General Manager of Salaam African Bank, Djibouti. He participates actively in both local & international seminars & training.

Mr. Ahmed Moallim Hersi
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Ahmed holds a degree in Bachelor of Economics (2003) & a Master’s degree in Public Management (2008). He is also a certified in Islamic Banking. He has participated in many international & local seminars and training thus acquiring deep knowledge and experience in banking business. Mr. Ahmed joined our Bank in 2008 as a Chief Cashier and later on became a supervisor and Branch Manager. In 2012, He was appointed as the Head of Operations until 2017. He is currently our Deputy General Manager.

Mr. Abdalleh Said Waiss

Mr. Waiss holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (2006) & Master in Business Administration (2009). He is currently pursuing a PhD. In 2010, Mr. Waiss joined our Bank as a Human Resource Administrator and later on became HR Manager. He has worked in different departments & divisions such as Treasury, Trade & Payment Services thus gaining relevant experience. He has extensive knowledge & experience in Human Resource Management, Islamic Banking as well as overall management & leadership. He participates actively in both local & international seminars & training and has obtained professional certificates in Islamic Banking, Leadership Skills & Human Resource Development.

Mr. Hamoud Djibril

Mr. Hamoud holds a degree in Bachelor of Economics (1999) & a Masters degree in Business Administration (2000). He is also  a certified public accountant. He joined our Bank in 2013 as an Internal Auditor. Prior to this position, he worked for East Africa Bank as a senior accountant for the period between 2009 & 2013. He has extensive knowledge, experience, & professional training in accounting, auditing, & leadership. He is currently our Head of Finance.

Mr. Souleiman Hassan Ismail

Mr. Souleiman Holds B.A of Arts from International University of Sudan and Masters in International Relations (2014). He also has higher diploma in Public administration. In 2015 he worked at Djiboutian foreign ministry. Prior to current position in SAB, Mr. Souleiman served as customer care Head. He later became a supervisor and branch manager of SAB Ali Sabieh Branch (2016-2018).

The Bank has established a strong governance system designed to protect the interests of all stakeholders, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhance organisational efficiency.

The Bank has also established a robust organisational structure that clearly segregates functions and responsibilities, and reflects a division of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Management Team.

The Board has the following committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Credit & Investment Committee
  • Risk & Compliance Committee

Each committee has specific terms of references that define its responsibilities, scope and powers.