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Telegraphic Transfers - Remittances

Remittances services facilitates sending and receiving money transfers for different purposes. This money can be for business or personal use. Salaam African Bank offers a secure and dependable remittance service through which our customers can receive or send money from any place in the world at very competitive rates.

Features and benefits

  • It’s the fastest mode of money transfer
  • It’s the most convenient for settling obligations
  • The money can be transfer in any major currency for permissible amounts.
  • A fee is charged for all international and domestic money transfers


  • Duly filled and signed telegraphic transfer application form
  • Both the remitter and the beneficiary must have bank accounts indicating the full name, addresses, account number, and the SWIFT Code or the BIC
  • Clearly state the purpose for sending the money, and attaching supporting documents. Examples; payment of salary, family bill, school fees, settlement of business transactions