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Documentary Collections - Cash against Documents

These are payments mostly used in international trade transactions.
For this mode of payment to work, the supplier or seller surrenders documents to his drawer’s bank after which the documents are sent to the importer’s bank on collection basis.

Features and benefits

  • It’s less complicated and less expensive than LC
  • The Importer is not obliged to pay for goods before shipment
  • The exporter retains the title to the goods until the importer either pays the face amount at sight or pay at a specified later date
  • The Exporter’s Bank and the Importer’s Bank acts as a facilitators for their clients


  • To access the service you need to be a Salaam African Bank Accountholder
  • The exporter’s bank should send the documents to the importer’s bank
  • Payment instructions must be clearly stated.
  • You should have negotiated with the bank prior to goods arrival at the port on the terms and conditions of the payment instructions.