Diversify your business investment portfolio.

Our investment account makes it easier fro you to make investments for your business.

Investment Deposit Account

It is important for businesses to diversify their investment portfolio to get higher returns on their profits. The investment deposit account helps your business access Salaam Bank’s investment portfolio profits. Our investment bankers are always on the look-out in the market to make sure that your investment yields the maximum profits to help grow your business further.

Features and Benefits

  • The account be opened by companies in foreign or local currency
  • Deposit holders participate in the share of profit or loss
  • The profit is shared in an agreed proportion by depositors  to the amount of their deposits and the period for which they were held by the bank
  • The return on investment is determined to actual profits from investment operation of the bank
  • The total investment be used as a security for other facilities
  • No withdrawals can be made before the lapse of the year
  • We provide monthly electronic statements
  • There are absolutely no deposit charges
  • We issue an investment certificate to depositors


  • Completed account opening form.
  • 2 recent passport photographs of the account holder.
  • Duly filled and signed completed application Form
  • A set minimum amount deposit
  • Original and copy of your national ID card or valid passport