Secure online shopping.

Transact and do business online with our USD internet card.

Internet Card

VISA Prepaid Internet card is a card designed for internet usage only which is available in USD currency. Card owners can top up funds for their online shopping. However, a cardholder can transact and purchase in any currency which will be converted to the card currency at a favourable FX rate.

This is ideal for customers concerned about online fraud – because you can, if you wish, re-load your SAB Prepaid Internet card with only the exact amount of money needed for a particular purchase.

Features and benefits

  • You can reload this card as many times as you would like through any of our top-up channels.
  • Experience better safety since your internet card cannot be used for ATM cash withdrawal.
  • We provide you with access to your card statements – for further controls on spending you get a statement that keeps you up to date with your online purchases.
  • The card is automatically linked to SMS service.
  • You can track your expenditure through the monthly e-statement.

How to acquire a Internet Card

Visit any of our branches across the country and fill out an application form.


  • Original and copy of the National ID card or passport.
  • A dully filled specific Internet Card application form.