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Enjoy online shopping with our USD Prepaid card.

Prepaid Card

The VISA Prepaid normal card is specially designed for internet, POS and ATM usage. It gives you a more convenient option to top up funds and use them while travelling and shopping and is available in USD currency only. If need be,  a cardholder can transact and purchase in any currency which will be converted to the card currency in USD favourable FX rates.

Your prepaid card has been designed to give you freedom, flexibility and portability. Whether you want this card as a gift or have acquired it as a safety measure to control spending while travelling we’re sure you’ll enjoy using it.

We offer you with two USD prepaid cards to meet your need:

  • VISA Prepaid Internet for internet use only. Its E-freedom, E-secure and E-exclusive online.
  • VISA Prepaid normal for ATM, POS and Internet use. It’s an all purpose reloaded card.

Features and benefits

  • Chip enabled – so you know it’s secure.
  • Re-loadable – Giving you the peace of mind that even if you are using it to control your budget, it can be topped up at any time through our branches and other upcoming top-up channels.
  • ATM cash withdrawal
  • Worldwide acceptance – your card can be used wherever you see the ‘VISA’ sign.
  • Set your own limit – control spending and keep within a budget with up to to $5,000 usage limit
  • Access to your card statement via mobile and E-banking channels so you know exactly how much of your balance remains is coming up soon.

How to acquire a Prepaid Card

Visit any of our branches across the country and fill out an application form.


  • Original and copy of the National ID card or passport.
  • A dully filled specific Prepaid Card application form.