Build a saving
culture today.

Through this account, we help keep you
accountable for your future finances.

Savings Account

Our savings accounts are specifically aimed at clients who are keen on growing their savings. Through this account, you are able to grow your money to a lump-sum that can help you improve your life and secure your future.

Features and benefits

  • Over the counter withdrawals, deposits and account to account transfers are free
  • You receive a debit card to help you access your cash easily.
  • You can access the account online, ¬†on mobile and on any point of service.
  • We provide a free monthly bank statement.
  • There is no account maintenance fee.
  • A minimum balance has to be maintained to help encourage you to save.


  • Original and copy of your national ID card or valid passport
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • For a joint saving account, we require the originals and copies of the national ID or passports of the account holders.
  • 2 colour photos
  • Recent electricity/Telephone bill
  • Completed account application form